A grape growers collective

Wines expressing the vineyards in which they were grown, paying homage to the growers across New Zealand's predominant wine growing regions.

About Us

Farmers Market Wine Company was founded in 2009, as a response to the growing dominance of large multi-national companies within the New Zealand wine trade.
By working with families at the heart of the New Zealand wine industry - the grape growers - Farmers Market Wine Company has built a co-operative focused on ensuring these hard working people are provided a fair deal for the fruits of their labour.
From this sprang three distinct wine labels, each with a subtle underlying message. Farmers Market, harking back to a time when produce was purchased directly from those who grew it. Growers Mark, emboldened with the Rose which has long stood at the end of Vineyard rows as an early detection for disease. The Maker, paying homage to those who create the wines for our drinking pleasure.
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